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Cali Event Honors Breast Clinic and Community Leaders

Last Friday, Dr. Armando Sardi, Dr. John Singer, and our FCPTC team held an event with distinguished community members in Cali to raise awareness for the work and accomplishments of the Breast Clinic.

Women can receive a physical exam, mammogram, ultrasound, and biopsy all on the same day at the Breast Clinic. This accelerated, high-level care is unheard of even in the United States. This is one of our team’s major accomplishments in the work to save lives through early cancer detection!

At the event, our team members, Dr. John Singer, Andres H. Perez-Bustos, and Patricia Córdoba Astudillo, were recognized for their exceptional work in the early detection program.  Dr. Angie Gutierrez, ESE Norte’s General Director, and Dr. Karen Casañas, the Breast Clinic’s medical director, were recognized for their valiant commitment to the program and for bridging the gap in women’s healthcare.

Left to Right: Andres Perez-Bustos, Dr. Karen Casañas, Dr. Armando Sardi, Dr. John Singer, Patricia Córdoba Astudillo
Left to Right: Dr. Angie Gutierrez, Dr. Armando Sardi

Together we are bridging the gap in cancer healthcare!


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