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Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship

La Fundación para la Prevención y Tratamiento del Cáncer (FPTC) is an NGO that seeks to improve care for patients in the diagnosis and treatment of breast and cervical cancers; its founder, Dr. Armando Sardi is a caleño oncologist, a graduate of Universidad del Valle, and director of the Cancer Care Institute at Mercy Medical Center (Baltimore, United States). Also President of the NGO Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention.

The Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship believes in young people as an engine of change and key figures for the well-being of their communities, while developing personally. For this reason, it supports students admitted to the first semester of the Medical and Nursing career of the University of the Valley.

Scholarship Application Requirements:

1.Graduated from Public School in Colombia.

2.Socioeconomic stratum 1-3.

3.Have been admitted to the Nursing or Medicine programs of the University of the Valley.

4.Submit an essay describing why you want to be a health professional and what you will do when you graduate.

5.Interview with the Admissions Committee of the Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship.

"A goal is a dream with date" Dr. Armando Sardi

The Scholarship will be administered through the Educational Sponsorship Program of Universidad del Valle.


· Payment of Universidad del Valle Fees for 10 semesters of nursing and 13 semesters for medicine.

· Two MIO tickets daily during the study period.

· A daily lunch during the study period, supplemented by the Restaurant of Universidad del Valle.

· Money for educational materials equivalent to a maximum of $2,000,000 COP.

Total maximum amounts covered:

Nursing: Up to $10,370,290 COP, corresponding to 10 semesters of study.

Medicine: Up to $13,481,377 COP, corresponding to 13 semesters of study.

Criteria for maintaining the scholarship:

Minimum average of 4/5.

Presentation of a semi-annual report.

Study the selected career uninterrupted, involving not deferring semesters.

Documentation required:

Copy of the degree record and diploma of public school in Colombia.

Copy of the latest home’s Public Service bills.

Certification issued by the website of the University of the Valley where admission to nursing or medical careers is certified.

Essay, maximum 5 pages. (Space 1.5, letter Arial 12)

How it works:

The logistics team of the Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship will select one (1) beneficiary and will deliver the resources on a six-monthly run to be administered by the Universidad del Valle Educational Sponsorship Program. In turn, the university will provide the Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship team with reports on the beneficiary's academic performance and personal development.

The selection of the beneficiary shall be made on the basis of:

1. Filter of the selected who meet all the requirements.

2. Filter of the 10 selected with the highest Global Scores of the Know State Tests 11.

3. Analysis of nominations by the Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship Admissions Committee.

The list of Pre-selected and selected will be posted on the Facebook of the Foundation for the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer.Timeline:

Enrollment in Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship

16 June - 18 October (2019)

Application review process

October 21 - November 1 (2019)

Pre-Selected publication

November 8 (2019)

Analysis of nominations by Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship Committee

11 - 29 November (2019)

Publication of First Beneficiary Dr. Armando Sardi Scholarship

December 8 (2019)

Home of Classes

First academic semester of 2020. (Subject to provisions of the University of the Valley)

Applications and requirements must be sent to the Dr Armando Sardi Scholarship email:


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