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Sardi-Orozco Scholarship Awarded to First Recipient!

Ashley Nathalia Ramirez Palacio, a graduate of the INEM Jorge Isaacs School in Cali, has been the winner of the first version of the Sardi-Orozco Scholarship. Ashley (17 years old), will be supported to complete her studies in nursing at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana of Cali (Colombia).

Ashley was selected after being nominated by the school boards as a candidate for the scholarship, then enrolling in the university, passing the university admission process and being accepted. Finally, the admissions committee of the Sardi-Orozco Scholarship conducted an interview in which vocational and personal matters were consulted.

The Sardi-Orozco Scholarship, to be renewed each semester, implies the fulfillment of some requirements for academic excellence, which were agreed with the student and her mother, the proud Andrea Palacio, on January 12th and began classes on January 18th.

Congratulations to Ashley! A future nurse who will surely work to improve the living conditions of her family and community.


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