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Our Mission

Our Vision

A world where lives are saved because all people 
have access to the resources needed 
for the prevention, early diagnosis, and proper treatment of cancer.

Our Mission

To advocate for cancer patients by making connections, providing education, and guiding patient navigation to improve the quality and length of their life; with a focus on breast, cervical, and abdominal cancers.

Our Mission

Our Work

For the past 10 years, we have been focused on mitigating the obstacles women face in their breast and cervical cancer journeys by bridging the gap in cancer screening and treatment in Cali, Colombia. We have also worked to improve the quality of care through continued medical education and teleconferences for the medical community.

Our Future

PFCCAP is in a huge phase of growth as we are working to develop and launch our Abdominal Cancers Alliance throughout North America. We are a patient-driven organization that will provide accurate information and connections to patients and families so they will get the proper treatment in a timely manner.

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The proper prevention, early diagnosis, and appropriate treatment of cancer SAVES LIVES.

Our Team

Dedication. Passion. Expertise.

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Armando Sardi, MD, FACS
President & Founder

Armando Sardi, M.D., is the founder and president of Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention. He serves as the director of The Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy and as the chief of the Institute's Surgical Oncology Division. Dr. Sardi is an internationally renowned surgeon and one of the foremost surgical oncologists in the United States using Intraperitoneal Hyperthermic Chemotherapy (HIPEC), an aggressive treatment for patients with late stage, complex cancer diagnosis in the abdominal region. Dr. Sardi is a National Cancer Institute Clinical Investigator and is committed to conducting vital research.

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John Singer,  MD
Secretary & Board Chair

Dr. John Singer is a co-founder of Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention, and has been involved in the organization and its surgical services in Cali, Colombia since its inception. In his career leading up to his present leadership of PFCCAP, John served as the head of the surgery residency program at Saint Agnes Hospital for nearly 30 years. He is an accomplished writer and editor of a national academic surgery journal, and an experienced leader of his peers with a 6-year tenure as the Maryland governor reporting to the American College of Surgeons.

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Tyler Horton
Executive Director

Tyler Horton is a graduate of the University of Dayton and a native of Indianapolis, Indiana. Her undergraduate work was focused on biology, public health, and Spanish studies. An internship at the Trinity Free Clinic affirmed her desire to enter the field of public health after graduation. She has a heart for underserved communities and a passion for women's health education. She has been an excellent addition to the team since she graduated from Dayton. She is currently leading the team in the development of our HIPEC and Lesser-Known Abdominal Cancer education and awareness initiative in the United States. 

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Karen Druffel
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Leonard Condon
Board Member
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Steve Peregoy
Board Member
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Gary Young
Board Member
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Mavalynne Orozco-Urdaneta 
PFCCAP Ambassador
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Mandi Phillips
Office Assistant

Leonard Condon

Leonard came to Partners for Cancer Care and Prevention because of his admiration for Colombia and its people and his commitment to deepening the U.S.-Colombia relationship. Having participated in PFCCAP Missions to Colombia, he continues to support the organization since he "has witnessed first-hand the incredible impact PFCCAP is having in improving health care and building people-to people relationships."

John Singer

When asked why he is so tireless in his dedication to PFCCAP, Dr. Singer states, "I feel that it is very important for the more fortunate to give back, to leave the planet better than we found it." John is an outstanding example of this.

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