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2023 Impact Report

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Our Work

With the support we have received from partners such as The Conquer Cancer Foundation, the American Cancer Foundation, Susan G Komen, and our gracious donors, we have accomplished many impactful and life-changing achievements over the past 10 years in Colombia including a(n):

  1. High-quality, self-sustainable health clinic close to the community

  2. An effective patient navigation program 

  3. Patient mental health resources including individual support, info-sessions, and support groups

  4. A breast prosthesis, bra, and wig donation program for patients

  5. Education-based HPV vaccination program in the local all-girls secondary school

  6. Functional mobile APP (AMATE: Cuida tu Salud - Love Yourself: Take care of your health)

  7. Manual of procedures for how to create a self-sustainable and easily accessible breast center 

  8. Regular teleconferences for the continued education of medical professionals

  9. Collaboration with universities, private companies, and others for the education and early diagnosis of their employees

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2020 - 2022 By the Numbers


311 Bras

240 Breast Prosthesis

115 Wigs

Screening Services

8,888 Mammograms

4,677 Ultrasounds

347 Biopsies

Patient Navigation

310 Cancer Patients Navigated

164 Patients in Emotional Support Network

33 Support Group Activities

PFCCAP Through the Years


PFCCAP began in Cali, Colombia as United Hands of Health with a focus in surgical medical missions. 35,000 free medical visits and 3,000 free medical procedures provided by 2011.


We became PFCCAP and implemented a high-quality, self-sustainable health clinic focused on the early detection of breast and cervical cancer that can provide mammograms and biopsies on-site.


We launched the "AMATE: Cuida tu Salud" app to help women take a hands-on approach to their own preventative care.


We launched an HPV education and vaccination program in partnership with a local all-girls secondary school.


Stages of breast cancers detected changed from 70% being advanced stages when we began to 90% early stage cancers by 2021.


We began development of our Abdominal Cancers Alliancea patient-led central hub for education and connections to resources for abdominal cancers.

Education. Navigation. HOPE!


Dr. Sardi's visit to our team in the Breast Clinic May 2023. Cali, Colombia.

Published Journal Articles

Overcoming Barriers in the Implementation of Programs for Breast and Cervical Cancers in Cali, Colombia: A Pilot Model

This article discusses PFCCAP's pilot program in Cali, Colombia that aimed to overcome barriers to the implementation of breast and cervical cancer screening and treatment programs. The program involved collaboration between healthcare providers and community-based organizations, as well as the use of innovative strategies such as mobile mammography and telemedicine. The pilot program was successful in increasing screening rates and providing timely treatment to those in need, and it offers a model that could be replicated in other regions facing similar challenges. The authors highlight the importance of addressing barriers such as cultural beliefs, limited access to healthcare, and lack of awareness, and they stress the need for continued efforts to improve cancer care in underserved communities.

Mobile Applications: Breaking Barriers
to Early Breast and Cervical Cancer Detection
in Underserved Communities

Question Asked: Is a free mobile application (mApp) able to gather information on user misconceptions about cancer screening, identify those at risk for breast cancer (BC) and cervical cancer (CC), and engage them to participate in screening programs in Colombia?
Summary Answer: We found that a free mApp is a promising and accessible tool that can reach hundreds of women located in specific areas, deliver customized and understandable information about BC and CC care, gather data to identify cancer misconceptions and stratify user cancer risk based on national clinical practice guidelines, and help to coordinate healthcare services when associated with a patient navigation program.

Our Partners Over the Years

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