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Abdominal Cancers Alliance

The Abdominal Cancers Alliance (ACA), a patient-led organization, is a central education and information hub providing resources and accurate, updated information to patients and families about abdominal cancers and CRS/HIPEC treatment options (Cytoreductive Surgery /Hyperthermic (or Heated) Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy).


ACA assists patients in getting the proper information regarding their cancer treatment in a timely manner and connects them with organizations, other patients, and the medical community, to provide resources in all phases of the patient journey from diagnosis to treatment and survivorship.  

The Abdominal Cancers Alliance is working tirelessly to develop and nurture connections with organizations and individuals working towards the same mission.


As the central hub, the Abdominal Cancers Alliance will focus on these core initiatives: ​

  1. Establish a central information system of resources on abdominal cancers and treatment options such as CRS/HIPEC. 

  2. Educate the public and medical community about the importance of early diagnosis and proper treatment of abdominal cancers. 

  3. Advocate for patients and families, helping them navigate through a promising journey. 

  4. Advance and promote the work of existing organizations already making an impact.  


Leading into 2024, the Abdominal Cancers Alliance will expand to create a model for regional hubs of patient groups to connect these patients with resources, treatment options, physicians, and other patients to help guide them moving forward in their journey. 

ACA Network

Join our Patient and Caregiver Network

Wherever you may be located, fill out our interest form to:

  • stay up to date with all of our resource launches,

  • get connected with events at our developing hubs,

  • and join our patient network!

Our patient and caregiver network works to connect patients and caregivers to others who have gone through similar experiences based on cancer or treatment type or live in the same area based on preferences collected in the interest form.

Faces of ACA.

Inaugural HIPEC Awareness Talent Show

Check out our recap video from our first-ever HIPEC Awareness Talent Show.

Many patients once told they were not going to survive joined the stage together in celebration of life after HIPEC!

The show consisted of 11 performances - 9 patients, 2 medical professionals, and supporting family and friends. The evening was filled with emotion, joy, celebration, and community as we all came together to bask in the gift of life after HIPEC. 

Connections that matter.

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