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A Month of Empowerment and Celebration: Highlights from Our Breast Cancer Awareness Month Activities

Our October has been filled with joy, community, and advocacy in celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month! On Friday, October 20, we put on our first ever Yoga and Brunch Event at the Breast Clinic alongside Espectañas. We celebrated life, bravery, tenacity, the good days and the days that are not so good. Infinite gratitude to our sponsors: Dr. Dayhanna Herrera, DLife, and Club Body Tech!

The celebration and awareness continued on Sunday, October 22, with our Halloween Run, "Le Caminamos a la Vida y le Corremos a la Detección" - "We Walk to Life and We Run to Detection". We walked and danced our way along the 5k route as we celebrated the power and importance of an active lifestyle and regular breast cancer screening. This event was held alongside Espectañas, Salud Norte, and DLife.

Check out a video recapping this awesome event on our team's Instagram:


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