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First Patient Event of 2024: Fostering Hope

Therapist, Dra. María Teresa Ortíz, and FCPTC Patient Navigation Coordinator, Patricia Córdoba, hosted our first patient event of the year on February 9th.

"Dream Calendar: 2024, From Being to Having" ("Calendario de Sueños: 2024, Desde el Ser para el Tener") began with a guided meditation led by Dra. María Teresa Ortíz. Participants then organized their goals and plans for 2024 by creating a collage of their dreams with photos, cutouts, and drawings. 

The visualization, discussion, and creation of these dream boards supported the women in thinking not only about what they want in the next 12 months, but how they can achieve their goals this year! 

Dream calendars are a great tool to fuel creativity, process emotions, and dream big!

What are you dreaming to achieve in 2024? 


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